Perfect Slim and Detoxification Patch

Lets discover the secret of how effectively you can lose weight and keep it off for good.
The detoxification alone that your body will receive from using these patches is enough reason for everyone to use these patches regardless of the need to lose weight.

What is Perfect Slimming and Detoxification Patch

Slimming Patch has become a popular product in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and South East Asia. "PERFECT SLIM" patch are safe and does not cause side effect or allergies. It is made from totally natural tree and bamboo extracts. It is the culmination of centuries of knowledge known to Japanese and has been passed down through the generation. 30 years of continuous research, "PERFECT SLIM' patch addresses the problem of loosing weight effectively without harming your body. It speeds up the metabolic rate and break down fatty tissue. Scientifically proven that the combination of natural minerals and negative ion present in the "PERFECT SLIM" patch works to reduce food craving and lowering your calories. When you apply the "PERFECT SLIM" patch, your body slowly absorbs these elements, increases the metabolism, activates fats burning mechanisms and help you achieve optimum result. The "PERFECT SLIM" patch best used on the sole of the foot before bed to clean out waste and toxin materials that are expelled with the perspiration and experience better sleep and wake feeling totally refreshed the following morning.

How Does It Works

Perfect Slim and Detox Patch work by circulating toxins through your feet whilst you sleep.Helping to eliminate them before reach the liver thereby relieving your liver of this task and enabling it to continue uninterrupted in its role to maintain the bodies energy requirements by burning stored fat during times of diet so that you maintain good energy level and continued fat burn. According to Chinese medical knowledge, our human body has over 360 acupuncture points, with more than 60 acupuncture points found on the sole of the foot alone.Toxins and waste was drawn through the points,cleansing,clearing and balancing the system.
PERFECT SLIM and DETOX PATCHES contain natural ingredient that have the unique ability to remove toxins that are released into your bodies circulation when you start to burn your fat cells.Adipose cells are not only found in what is commonly referred to as body fat, they also reside in and around many of our major organs in particular liver. The combination of the ingredients work to eliminate hunger,cravings and symptoms associated with weight loss.It also accelerates your metabolism. It is important to understand that Perfect Slim and Detox Patches are by no means a miracle weight loss cure. It is up to you to make the committed decision to begin a weight loss program,though Perfect Slim and Detox Patches may also help you kick off this decision.This is because many of us that are currently over weight are likely already suffering from a congested liver that is not supplying the bodies needs effectively ....... leading to weight gain, a sluggish digestive system, chronic fatigue and other adverse health effects ( such as migraines and joint pains ) making motivation extremely difficult.


Bamboo Powder and Wood Vinegar After many research and development, a breakthrough was discovered bamboo and wood vinegar essence found in various trees has the ability to absorb toxins through acupuncture points located on the sole of the human foot. It has a disinfectant effect in sterilizing the skin.The ester content can easy permeate and bring nutriment to the deep tissue.The acetic acid will soften the skin cuticle and has a wonderful effect for skin care relieving dermatitis, itch, athlete's foot diabetic etc. Chitin / Chitosan With the combination of Chitosan it addresses the problem of loosing weight effectively without harming your body.It speeds up the metabolic rate and break down body tissue.Chitosan is a derivative component of crustacean shells.It is known for its powerful and unique absorption abilities.Extensive studies have also proven that it has strong fat binding properties.This enables it to lower LDL.The bad cholesterol by up to 10%.Its properties are so good that it has also been successfully used as weight supplement. Negative Ions Negatives ions are odorless, tasteless ans invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments ! Think of mountains,waterfalls and beaches.Once they reach out bloodstream,negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that decrease levels of serotonin helping to relieve stress (calming),alleviate depression boost energy increase defense again infection. Starch As this is a water - soluble it is used in order to absorb moisture from the surroundings.It especially enhances the effect of each component through synergism. Vitamin C Vitamin C has antioxidant activity.It also has a biological role as a reducing agent in hydroxylation reactions in the body.Vitamin C aids in absorption of non-heme ion by reducing it to the ferrous state in the stomach.Vitamin C stimulates procollagen synthesis and stimulates alkaline phosphatase.It can prevent the formation of carcinogens in foods and in the gastrointestinal tract. Minerals Minerals are inorganics nutrients.They are essential for development, maintenance and repair of our body.Minerals have a great variety of functions,regardless of the concentration in the body. Now that you understand how toxin accumulation affects your health.

Are you ready to see how our Perfect Slim And Detox Patch work ???

Removing Toxic Accumulation Through The Feet Just look at this ! " Seeing is Believing "

Discover this amazing scientific breakthrough in body detoxification

The main effects of Toxin Removal Perfect Slim Patch : 1. Activates body cells 2. Help relieve the burden on our immune system 3. Control appetite 4. Alleviates minor pains (support blood circulation) 5. Increase metabolism rate 6. Reduce uric acid 7. Reduces swelling (removes excess moisture) 8. Relieve fatigue on the feet 9. Remove excess fat and improves sleep 10. * Remove toxin especially in the liver. Perfect Slim and Detox Patch by Perfect Infinity works with no special diets or extreme exercise.However,a sensible diet,moderate exercise and drink plenty of water can help you enhance your weight lost results. This product is ideal for both men and women who want to try and lose weight gradually without too much effort. Stay with "Perfect Slim" Patch. Don't Give Up Early !

Apakah "Perfect Slim" Patch?????

"Perfect Slim" Patch telah menjadi produk UNGGUL di Jepun, Korea, Taiwan dan negara - negara Asia sebagai produk PELANGSINGAN terkini dan diminati. Kajian Sains selama 30 tahun, menghasilkan keputusan yang MENAKJUBKAN. "PERFECT SLIM" Patch dijamin seratus peratus SELAMAT dan TIADA KESAN SAMPINGAN

Kesan Ke Atas Pemakaian "PERFECT SLIM"

- Mengaktifkan sel - sel badan, - Mengimbangkan sistem Imun dalam badan, - Mengawal selera makan, - Meningkatkan kadar Metabolisma, - Melegakan GOUT, - Mengurangkan Bengkak dan SAKIT KAKI, - Mengeluarkan LEMAK yang BERLEBIHAN, - Membantu TIDUR yang LENA, - Menyingkirkan TOKSIN BAHAYA dalam badan terutama toksin yang berkumpul di HATI
Individual weight loss result varies, eating, right and drink plenty of water can always make a difference. Stay with “Perfect Slim” Patch DON’T GIVE UP EARLY!

Tahukah Anda????

  • Kanser Payu Dara merupakan PEMBUNUH WANITA PERTAMA!
  • Kanser Payu Dara biasanya menyerang WANITA BERUMUR 40 - 50 tahun, terutamanya wanita lingkungan tempoh MENOPOS.
  • 1 daripada 14 orang bangsa Cina berisiko menghidap Kanser Payu Dara!
  • 1 daripada 16 orang bangsa India berisiko menghidap Kanser Payu Dara!
  • 1 daripada 24 orang bangsa Melayu berisiko menghidap Kanser Payu Dara!
  • Kanser Payu Dara tidak semestinya diakibatkan keturunan. 85% penghidap Kanser payu Dara tidak mempunyai rekod Kanser Payu Dara di kalangan ahli kelurganya!
  • Lebih kurang 70 - 80% kes Kanser Payu Dara dikesan hanya pada peringkat ke-3 atau ke-4 (PERINGKAT TERAKHIR)!!
  • Kanser Serviks (Pangkal Rahim) merupakan Kanser Kedua Biasa bagi Wanita! Ia juga Pembunuh Kedua bagi wanita di Malaysia!
  • 99% Kanser Serviks disebabkan oleh Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)!
  • Wanita yang berumur 40 - 50 tahun berisiko tinggi diserangi Kanser Serviks!
  • Kanser serviks pada peringkat awal tidak akan memberi sebarang tanda atau kesakitan.
  • Apabila ia menjadi teruk, salah 1 atau lebih tanda berikut akan tertunjuk :
  1. Berdarah (bukan ketika Haid)
  2. Discharge menjadi lebih banyak
  3. Sakit bahagian Pinggang / Pinggul
  4. Sakit ketika Seks

Bahan Mentah Tuala Wanita Pakai - Buang di Pasaran

  • Kertas Buangan, agen pelunturan yang berkarsinogen, agen fluoresen dan sebagainya merupakan bahan mentah yang memproses tuala wanita pakai-buang di pasaran. Kertas buangan termasuklah kertas Kitaran Semula, Kertas Tebal, Kotak dan Pulpa Kayu yang telah disembunyikan Bakteria serta kuman yang Merbahaya.
  • Kesan ketoksidan Dioksin amat kuat, ia adalah 130 kali ganda lebih bertoksik berbanding Cyanide dan 900 kali lebih bertoksik berbanding Arsenic. ia juga digelar sebagai Toksin Yang Paling Kuat pada zaman ini.
  • Pusat Penyelidikan Antarabangsa telah mengklaskan Dioksin sebagai Karsinogen (bahan Penyebab Kanser) kelas Pertama kepada Manusia.
Kajian Perubatan membuktikan bahawa walaupun kandungan Dioksin dalam tahap yang rendah, ia masih berupaya menyebabkan Kanser Payu Dara, Kanser Usus, Kanser Ovari, Kemandulan, Keguguran dan Sakit Puan yang lain.

Bahaya Ancaman Dioksin

Reka Bentuk FC Bio Sanitary Pad & Kelebihannya

Menurut soal-selidik yang dijalankan, 73% wanita mengalami masalah kegatan, kepanasan, dan kesakitan ketika haid. Ini adalah akibat penakaian tuala wanita yang tidak telus udara. Maka, memilih tuala wanita yang sesuai adalah amat penting bagi mengelakkan masala-masalah tersebut. FC Bio Sanitary Pad terbentuk daripada 3 lapisan. Lapisan permukaan diperbuat daripada 100% kapas, lapisan tengah mengandungi S.A.P. yang memberi kuasa serapan tinggi dan lapisan bawah yang telus udara.
FC Bio Sanitary Pad merupakan produk dipaten yang unik. Ia mengandungi ramuan herba asli yang istimewa, membantu para wanita bebas daripada masalah-masalah sakit puan yang merunsingkan. FC Bio Sanitary Pad berkesan dalam membantu menghilangkan senggugut, menyelesaikan masalah kitara haid tidak teratur, menghilangkan masalah bau, membasmi kuman, mencegah jangkitan, menghilangkan kepanasan, mengecutkan rahim dan juga meningkatkan pertahanan badan. Segala bahan mentah , proses dan produk dijamin mencapai tahap piawai kebersihan dan sentiasa dipantau oleh Kementerian Kesihatan.

Ramuan - Ramuan Utama & Kelebihannya

Kuai Mu You (Agrilariae lignum)

Mencegah penyakit kulit, membantu peredaran darah dan melegakan kesakitan bahagian pinggang dan belakang. Kuai Mu You mengandungi Phytoncide yang membantu menstabilkan emosi.

Bing Pian (Borneol)

Mengurangkan kesakitan dan tekanan ketika haid, mengurangkan kesakitan otot dan sendi, membantu menyingkirkan darah beku, mencegah pembiakan kuman.

Mai Fang stone (Talcum)

Menghilangkan bau, membasmi kuman dan mencegah jangkitan kuman.

Ming Fang (Alumen)

Menyingkirkan toksik, mencegah jangkitan kuman, mencegah kegatalan, membuang angin perut, menghentikan darah, menyingkirkan darah beku dalam rahim.

Peppermint (Menthae Herb)

Membuang angin perut, mengurangkan kepanasan, mencegah kegatalan, menahan sakit dan mengurangkan rasa tidak ketidakselesaan ketika haid.

Sentiasa berasa selesa dan dingin.

Yang Manakah Masalah Anda???


Sijil Jaminan Insuran Produk

Maklum Balas Pengguna

Fang Set Fang, 50 tahun, Sarawak ( Jangkitan Kuman )
Saya mempunyai sist (cyst) di bahagian rahim. Selepas mengambil ubat doktor, sist tersebut pecah dan mengeluarkan banyak darah serta cairan. Pemeriksaan puan perlu dijalankan setiap 2 bulan, tetapi setiap kali pun disahkan dijangkiti kuman dan perlu memakan ubat antibiotik.
Selepas saya menggunakan FC Bio Sanitary Pad, masalah tersebut telah diselesaikan, rahim sudah bebas daripada jangkitan kuman dan saya tidak perlu memakan ubat antibiotik lagi!

Maklum Balas Pengguna

Hani Azura, 34 Tahun, Selangor ( Kitaran Haid Tidak menentu, Masalah senggugut ) Saya mengalami masalah kitaran haid tidak menentu dan senggugut.
Bersyukurnya, semua masalah yang dihadapi telah hilang selepas menggunakan FC Bio Sanitary Pad.

Maklum Balas Pengguna

Aminah Shariff , 49 Tahun, Selangor ( Masalah Senggugut )
Setelah menggunakan FC Bio Sanitary Pad, masalah senggugut saya telah semakin menghilang dan tidak berasa sakit lagi ketika haid. Kini, saya berasa sungguh berkeyakinan.

Tindakbalas Penggunaan FC Bio Sanitary Pad

1. Kegatalan dan Kepanasan
  • Jangkitan Bakteria. Haruslah tukar pad dengan lebih kerap supaya mengekalkan kekeringan dan keselesaan.
2. Haid Berhenti
  • Sistem peredaran darah tidak baik.
3. Pening & Sakit Kepala
  • Kepanasan badan. Ramuan herba di dalam pad boleh mengurangkan kepanasan badan dengan cepat.
4. Jerawat
  • Ramuan herba di dalam pad boleh menyingkairkan toksin dalam badan. Proses penyingkiran toksin melalui kulit akan menyebabkan pembentukan jerawat.
5. Sakit Perut
  • Ramuan herba di dalam pad membantu pengecutkan rahim.
6. Kitaran Haid Tidak Teratur & Aliran Darah
  • Tindakbalas dalam proses pemulihan.
7. Sakit Belakang
  • Tindakbalas pemulihan sementara daripada salah satu ramuan yang dinamakan Kuai Mu You.
8. Ruam
  • Badan bertoksin. Proses pembuangan toksin oleh ramuan herba dalam pad akan menyebabkan ruam-ruam.


Tuala Wanita Kapas Lembut Pantiliners (20 pads)
  • Menyerap buangan dengan Efektif, rasa Bersih dan segar sentiasa
  • Perasaan selesa dan lembut semasa Haid tidak teratur
  • Boleh di letakkan di telapak kaki atau di mana sahaja tempat yang tidak selesa untuk menyerap toksin dalam badan
RM 10

Day Use

Tuala Wanita, Kegunaan Hari , Permukaan Kapas Lembut (10 pads)
  • Diperkayakan dengan Gel untuk menyerap Bendalir yang lebih kuat dan penyimpanan
  • Rekaan Unik bagi mengelakan kebocoran, tepi lekok panjang untuk penegahan kebocoran yang Selamat,Eefektif dan boleh Dipercayai
RM 11

Night Use

Tuala Wanita, Kegunaan Malam , Permukaan Kapas Lembut (10 pads)
  • Diperkayakan dengan Gel untuk penyerapan bendalir lebih kuat untuk penyimpanan
  • Pengawalan Punggung yang lebih panjang dan luas, rekaan unik berbentuk kapas dibelakang dan tepi bagi pencegahan kebocoran. Lekuk panjang bahi pencegahan kobocoran yang Efektif, serta penyediaan secukupnya alas tutup, Selamat dan Dipercayai.
RM 12

Pakej Yang Di Tawarkan

Bagi Setiap Pembelian mana - mana FC Bio Sanitary Pad 3 bungkus dan ke atas, TIADA BAYARAN POS DI KENAKAN!!!!!!
Pembelian boleh di buat mengikut citarasa dan pemakaian semasa pembeli.